'It is like a missing tooth in a beloved's smile.'

Recognising that we could have been putting our day centre members at risk by bringing them into a social setting, in mid-March we took the difficult decision close our Bradbury Centre, not knowing how long that closure might need to continue.

During lockdown we’ve been keeping in touch with Bradbury members and volunteers, making sure they are safe and well, providing both practical and emotional support as necessary.

We’ve sent out a newsletter to members this week, and have received lots of lovely feedback in response. People have been writing to manager Klaire about how they are coping with lockdown, and what they miss and value about The Bradbury.

Dear Klaire…

I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss the Bradbury - not just fellow members but you the staff and volunteers. Especially Tai Chi and Storytelling.

I have been locked in on my own with only my cats for company as family do not live near but at least I have kept well so will not complain. Thank goodness for the phone and computer.

I am in regular contact with T. and we plan to meet up (outside keeping distance) on Thursday. This will be the first time either of us have seen a friend since lockdown for the over 70's

The Bradbury has helped me so much since the death of my husband and I just cannot wait to get back I think once it is allowed to re-open we should have a B I G party.



I am so sorry the Bradbury is out of bounds due to Covid19.

I have not been a member long, but really miss the companionship of the Art Class and the warm welcome we receive on arrival. It really is lovely not relying on shopping to say hello to someone.

I found new things to do there, Painting, knitting, Qi Gong, which I still attend on Zoom and not having to cook my own meal sometimes. Yeay!


So good to hear from you, and am reminded of a gap in life's calendar, the doors to The Bradbury being closed is completely understandable, but it is like a missing tooth in a beloved's smile. You and your team fulfil a VITAL role in this area and we are so fortunate to have you here.   I think it is likely to be similar to the first day of a sale when you do re-open, there'll be a queue around the block.



There's just no structure to the week, and all the days are blending into one another.

In ‘normal’ times on a Monday, start to the week, I'm up and out for the discussion group and Scrabble, that's when I miss the Bradbury the most.

And it's not like you speak to every person but just to say hello and have a coffee or your meal together.

And that brings the structure to the week, from the weekend.

And then the week can carry on with more of the Bradbury, as Tuesday is when the extra activities take place, cinema or quiz or any other event. There was to be a Japanese event to coincide with the Olympics.

Just one more thing, in the world not happening.

And the best thing about the Bradbury is the flexibility.........we, as members can use the centre every day, and some do.

The centre is always there for you whenever you need company, food, tea and refreshments and a chat.


Lovely to hear from the Bradbury I miss it so much my line dancing and all the friends I have made there. Although I am in touch by phone and the internet it is nothing like sitting round the table chatting with a nice cup of Ann's coffee. Cannot wait for it to re-open.

Have really appreciated the phone calls checking on me, although I have been fine it is nice to know the help us there if  needed.


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