Staywell’s Information, Advice and Advocacy Team are celebrating the renewal of the Advice Quality Standard (AQS) accreditation.

The Advice Quality Standard (AQS) is an independently audited quality standard which is awarded to services delivering social welfare and legal advice. The standard is independent of any of the national advice networks or any individual funders or regulators.

The AQS assessor identified a number of Areas of Good Practice - recorded where an organisation has exceeded the requirements of the AQS to a significant extent -commenting:

"This is a most encouraging sign as the Organisation, like so many in the advice sector continues to navigate its way through funding challenges, on the one hand and an increase in demand for its services on the other. Staywell provides a holistic service in dealing with a wide range of issues as well as seeking to enable clients to take care of their own affairs and live independently and healthily in their own homes."

Quality Assurance

Staywell’s free Information, Advice and Advocacy service has maintained the Advice Quality Standard (AQS) for 18 consecutive years, affirming the consistently high standard of this specialised service. In order to achieve the standard, we must demonstrate that our service is accessible and well-managed, employing personnel with the skills and up-to-date knowledge necessary to give the best quality advice to clients.

If you or someone you care about needs information, advice or representation through advocacy, call us on 020 8942 8256. If our information line is busy, or our offices are closed, please leave a message stating your name and telephone number clearly. We will respond to all messages left on our voicemail within 48 hours.

Advice email: [email protected]