Two years ago, Stewart lost his wife very suddenly. They had been married for 42 years and he was absolutely devastated. Stewart broke down and truly felt there was nothing to carry on for. A friend stopped by one day, and recognising his despair, fixed up an appointment at the doctor’s. The doctor prescribed him some medication to help him through this tough time and his friend called back a few days later. The friend talked to him about The Bradbury, so they walked round to take a look.

"They made me feel so welcome,’ commented Stewart. ‘I was taken round and introduced to a few people. They were all so friendly and kind."

Centre Manager, Laura O’Brien, had seen some of Stewart’s photographs from when he visited his son in America. needing a Bradbury photographer, Laura asked him if he would like the role. Stewart gladly accepted and gets great satisfaction from being useful.

"The Bradbury has done me the world of good. I feel a different person and have really come out of myself. There’s lots of fun to be had and sharing of good times. I feel I have everything to live for."