Raleigh House community in lockdown

There’s been a huge groundswell of interest in volunteering during the past six weeks since the Covid-19 crisis set in – so much so that Staywell, like many organisations, has not yet been able to take advantage of all the support offered. We believe that as restrictions are lifted, and families and neighbours of older people return to work and school, there will be an upsurge in demand for our support. Those volunteers who are waiting in the wings - as befrienders, coaches, advisers, IT tutors – will then be vitally important to everything we do as an organisation.

Whilst we’ve been in lockdown, we’ve been keeping in touch with our regular volunteers. Many of those who help and support us are older people themselves, sometimes isolated. For them, volunteering is a vital part of their own wellbeing. Some of them have been sharing their own experiences of lockdown.

Michael is a long-standing volunteer and member of Raleigh House. Here he is enjoying a chat with Bob, Saturday volunteer driver and In Touch volunteer, at last summer’s volunteer party. Michael is isolated during lockdown and really misses Raleigh House. We’re helping him with shopping, providing meals, and keeping his home clean and safe. He also has regular friendly chats on the phone with his two befrienders, Chris and Al.

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Michael talks about what Raleigh House means to him.

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