I volunteer for Staywell as a Trustee. That means that I get to support Shane and all the management of Staywell as they maintain this vital part of Kingston’s community life. That is what impelled me to join in.

It seems to me that the way we support older people in our community is one of the most vital parts of a civilised society, and getting more and more vital as our population ages. If I and my fellow Trustees can bring useful experience and knowledge from our outside lives to bear, to help steer the ship, then that is really worthwhile.


And the experience is so enriching for me, too; to participate in and contribute to the success of this very impressive charity.

There is one other way in which my particular interests inform my volunteering at Staywell. I have a strong interest in local history that induced me, together with a former Chairman of the Trustees, to write a history of the organisation.

If you want, you can obtain a copy of the book at www.lulu.com.

Bob Phillips