Staywell, working in partnership with Kingston Council and Royal Mail, is trialling a new community service to offer a helping hand in the battle against loneliness.

The government has today published its strategy for tackling loneliness in England. Staywell is delighted to have been selected by HM Government as one of only three areas across the UK to take part in the Safe & Connected trial that aims to provide support and reassurance to older people who may be feeling isolated or lonely in the New Malden (KT3) area.  It offers regular visits to people who would benefit from a bit of extra help and support and we are looking for participants to take part in the trial.

How does the service work? 

If someone registers and qualifies for the trial they will receive regular visits from a Royal Mail postman/woman. They will ask a few simple questions about how that person is feeling and whether they need anything. The information they provide will be passed straight through to the Staywell Team to arrange some help if needed, which could involve a phone call or a visit. The trial is expected to run for 6 months and there is no charge to users of the service during the trial period. During the trial, participants have peace of mind that someone will be checking on them on a regular basis and we will be able to better understand isolation and wellbeing issues being faced in our community, connecting those in need with the appropriate services and in the longer-term, improving the delivery of vital services to this community.

Who can use Safe and Connected?

For the purposes of the trial – participants must be aged 65 and over, be feeling lonely or isolated and be resident in the KT3 area. People might find themselves feeling lonely because they live alone, or a close relative or friend has died or they have lost contact with friends or family. They might have an illness which makes them feel isolated from others, either emotionally or because it makes it hard for them to get out. They could be caring for someone and do not have much opportunity to socialise.  Or perhaps a neighbour, friend or family member is feeling lonely or socially isolated and would benefit from a regular visit by a friendly postal worker.

How does someone register an interest in the trial?

Registering for the scheme is through the Staywell Team. If someone feels they could benefit from the scheme or they know of someone who could benefit, please contact:

Sandra Morrison – Project Coordinator

T: 020 8942 8256

E: [email protected]

15 October 2018